Polyimide FPC

Polyimide FPC

Polyimide FPC is a flexible circuit board that uses polyimide film as the substrate material. Polyimide is a high-temperature-resistant and flexible polymer, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring durability and flexibility in harsh environments.

With a solid reputation in the industry, Sienta is certified as a trusted supplier of polyimide FPCs. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and on-time delivery ensures reliable and consistent supply of high-performance polyimide FPCs.

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Polyimide FPC

Capabilities Of Polyimide FPC

Limit Tolerance Normal tolerance
Layer / 1-6 layer 1-6 layer
Cutting size mm 250*1000mm 250*500mm
Min. thickness mm 0.075mm 0.10mm
Adhesive stiffener um PSA:50um PSA:50um
Hot setting adhesive um 12.5/25/40um 12.5/25/40um
Min. drilling hole size mm 0.1 0.2
Hole diameter tolerance mm ±0.075 ±0.1
Hole wall copper thickness um 8/15/25 8/15/25
Min line width/space mm 0.05/0.05 0.075/0.075
Line width tolerance mm ±0.03 ±0.04
Solder mask thickness um 8 15
Silk screen thickness um 8 15
Immersion gold um Ni: 2.0~5.0 Ni: 2.0~5.0
Au: 0.03~0.08 Au: 0.03~0.08
Plating tin um 8~20 8~20

Benefits Of Polyimide FPC

  • Flexibility

    Polyimide FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) offers excellent flexibility, allowing it to be bent, folded, or shaped to fit various design requirements. This flexibility makes it ideal for applications where traditional rigid PCBs are impractical.

  • Lightweight and Thin

    Polyimide FPCs are lightweight and thin, which helps reduce the overall weight and thickness of electronic devices. This feature is particularly advantageous in portable devices, aerospace applications, and other weight-sensitive applications.

  • Reliability and Durability

    Polyimide FPCs can withstand mechanical stress, vibrations, and other environmental factors without compromising performance. The inherent strength of polyimide materials ensures that the FPCs can endure challenging conditions.

  • Temperature Resistance

    Polyimide FPCs have a high-temperature resistance capability, enabling them to withstand extreme temperature environments without sacrificing performance or reliability. They can maintain their electrical and mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures.

  • Chemical Resistance

    Polyimide FPCs have good chemical resistance to withstand exposure to various chemicals without significant degradation. This resistance protects the circuitry from corrosive substances.

  • Electrical Insulation

    Polyimide FPCs are ideal for applications where insulation is critical. They provide reliable electrical isolation between conductive traces, preventing short circuits and ensuring proper signal transmission.


  • Q What is your MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?

    We have no MOQ limited.Sample and mass production all can support.

  • Q What is needed for quotation?

    FPC&rigid-flex PCB&PCB:Quantity, Gerber file and Technical requirements(material,surface finish treatment, copper thickness,board thickness ,...)
    PCBA:PCB information, BOM list

  • Q Can you manufacture my PCB from a picture?

    No, we cannot accept BMP, GIF, TIFF, or JPG pictures as the manufacturing file.If you do not have gerber file, you can send us sample to copy it.

  • Q Are my files safe?

    We ensure complete safety and security of your files and protect our customers' intellectual property throughout the entire process. Any documents provided by our customers are kept strictly confidential and are never shared with any third parties.

  • Q How long will it take to receive my quotation?

    We will respond your quotation within 24 hours to the quotation requests.

  • Q How can I pay?

    We accept payments by PayPal, cash, bank transfer (T/T),WU,Alipay. If need other payment method please contact us (sienta@sienta.com.cn).

  • Q What's your transport method?

    We use UPS, FedEx, or DHL to ship the boards. If you have your own freight forwarding company, we can also work with them.

  • Q Do you offer free sample?

    We can offer samples, but you must pay for them first. If you go ahead with mass production later on, the cost of the samples will be deducted.We look forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with you!

  • Q What is your standard lead time?

    As FPC&PCB belong to customized products,generally it is 3-7 days for samples and 10-20 days for mass products.The actual delivery date according to difficulty of the products, the quantity and etc.Please contact us to get different product lead time.

  • Q How do you control the product quality?

    We adhere to strict quality control standards set by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, and SGS. All boards undergo 100% testing and we offer a range of inspection options including visual, X-ray, AOI, and ICT/FCT.

  • Q How many layer can you produce for flexible PCB?

    For FPC, we can produce from 1 layer to 8 layers.

  • Q How many layer can you produce for Rigid flexible PCB?

    For Rigid flexible PCB board, we can produce from 2 layer to 8 layers.

  • Q Which surface treatment can you produce for FPC, PCB and rigid flexi PCB?

    We can produce Immersion gold, immersion silver, OSP, hot air Levelling(L/F), Gold plating,ENIPIG, Immersion tin and etc.

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