China-Taiwan net export of electronic parts and components in the first half of the year exceeded 47.9 billion U.S. dollars.

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China's Taiwan economic department said on 24 October, 2023 first half of the region's net exports of electronic parts and components (exports minus imports) amounted to 47.9 billion U.S. dollars, leading the Asian countries and regions, much higher than South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and so on. China's mainland region is showing that the amount of imports is greater than the amount of exports.


However, China Taiwan electronic parts exports of foreign sales has been declining, but the economic sector forecast, with the accelerated proliferation of AI applications, supply chain inventory clearance will end, 2024 is expected to return to growth.


Statistics show that China Taiwan electronic parts manufacturing island production gross amount, in 2021 for the first time exceeded 3 trillion New Taiwan dollars, accounting for the proportion of the manufacturing industry rose to 44.6%; the first half of this year, exports, imports rose to 2.3 times the proportion of the past five years also maintained at a level of about 2 times.

Malaysia due to increased investment in foreign enterprises, the first half of this year, electronic parts and components exports, imports ratio expanded to 1.7 times; South Korea due to poor market conditions for memory chips, exports, imports ratio from 2.4 times in 2017, down to 1.4 times in the first half of 2023; Singapore in the past three years, the ratio remained at 1.2 times.

At the same time, Japan in recent years on special process IC and automotive electronics import demand has increased greatly, exports, imports ratio fell to 1.3 times; China as the world's largest importer of electronic parts and components, the past this ratio is less than 0.5, but from 2022 onwards by the economic slowdown, the U.S. chip ban, and other factors, exports, imports ratio rose slightly to 0.6.

China's Taiwan economic sector, said the integrated circuit in local Exports accounted for nearly 40%, for the top priority. But another key item printed circuit boards (PCB), in the automotive market growth, plus the expansion of emerging applications, exports are expected to improve in 2024.


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