Another Technological Breakthrough about Extremely Thin Copper Foil

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Recently, TB Technology received a good report from its production workshop, with over 30,000 meters of 4.5um extremely thin electronic copper foil coming off the production line, another technological breakthrough.

Since 2019, TB Technology has followed the direction of the industry's technology development and continued to develop new products of high strength and high elongation extremely thin series carp electric copper foil, which has been independently completed including 6um4.5um fragile series copper foil, while 3.5um and high elasticity modulus fragile copper foil has been in the sample trial stage. The technology level is in the leading position in the industry.

As a rapidly developing national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and production of high-performance copper foil, TB will increase its investment in the R&D of new high-performance copper foil products such as extremely thin copper foil below 4.5um, hammered electric composite copper foil, high-resistance, and high-delay hammered electric foil, high-frequency and high-speed electronic circuit copper foil, and ultra-low profile copper foil (VLP). TB said: “We will advance our production capacity expansion plan in an orderly manner to seize market opportunities and achieve sustainable growth of our business.”

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