What are the challenges facing the field of PCB inspection?

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Nowadays, the speed of electronic product iteration updates is getting faster and faster, for the PCB industry, this means that the production inspection of printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) is getting more and more difficult. PCBA manufacturing involves many component suppliers, precision assembly machines, and complex inspection processes, to ensure the quality of PCBA, inspection means the need to progress and upgrade.

"Details make perfect, have good quality to have a good reputation." This is certainly true for the manufacturing and quality inspection of PCB for any electronic device, where slight deviations and any defects in the assembly may be affecting the quality of the product.

In recent years, we in cooperation with PCB manufacturers found that everyone for PCB and PCBA testing to be more and more stringent, PCBA testing is facing three main challenges.

  • Test accuracy is not enough

Reliability and performance are particularly important in aerospace, automotive, defense, and medical electronics. For example, PCB is the production of cochlear implants, pacemakers, and medical imaging equipment, a key component in these high-precision equipment, precision may be a matter of life and death. Due to the obvious trend of PCB miniaturization, traditional visual inspection, ICT needle bed testing, etc. have been difficult to meet the higher test accuracy. Even flying probe tests, X-rays and other technologies are also close to reaching the technical bottleneck.
  • Test coverage is insufficient

PCB circuit board integrated components more and more, the current variety of test methods have their own limitations. Such as the distance between the test points of the needle bed jig and the probe used is difficult to reduce, so the number of test points and the distance between the test points are limited. In addition, some of the components have large differences in height, which also adds difficulty to the test.
  • Test costs are difficult to reduce

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency is the pursuit of all enterprises, as the PCB testing industry has entered a mature stage, various test instruments and test solutions are challenging to protect the testing capabilities while further reducing costs.

In the highly competitive consumer electronics field, profit is the key to survival; any changes in production efficiency and cost will have a significant impact on PCB manufacturers. Let ’ s expect the PCB testing field can emerge with more breakthrough testing technology.

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