The Difference between ED Copper and RA Copper

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The base material for FPC  is FCCL, which are Copper +PI or Copper + AD + PI.As below picture shown, you may clearly know the relation of these three products.

So originally, copper is very key for the flex circuits material. Which kind of copper we could choose? The answer is ED Copper (Electrodeposited Copper Foil) and RA copper (Rolled Annealed Copper Foil). Then what the difference between these two? I will show it from below 4 aspects:

1. Definition & Manufacturing Method

Different copper is defined by its manufacturing method.ED Copper, whichis made from CuSO4 solution, by usingelectrolysis method, madeCu 2+ dip into spinning cathoderollsand stripping, then made it into EDcopper.RA Copper, which is made from high purity copper(>99.98%),by using pressure process, made copper into different copper thickness.


ED Copper (Electrodeposited Copper Foil)

RA Cooper (Rolled Annealed Copper Foil)

3. Performance

Due todifferent manufacturing methods and different shapes, the performance ofthemis not same.ED copperhasbetter conductivity than RA copper. While as for extensibility, RA copper is much better than ED copper.Details about performance comparison can be understood via below chart:

4. Application

Because of different performances, RA copper and ED copper are used in different products which tend to different product requests. For example, the flex board needs to be bendable a lot, so obviously, RA copper will be a good choice. Otherwise, we could use ED copper with high electrical conductivity.

Whatever, you should select copper according to your circuits' requests (final board performance, cost, function...)


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