Global PCB Leader's Main Investments in 2023: Focus on High-End Projects such as HDI, SLP, and FPC.

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The global economic recovery is expected to face significant pressure due to geopolitical conflicts and the abandonment of major powers, which will accelerate the evolution of a historic global transformation. However, at the same time, a new wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation is taking place. Breakthrough technologies, represented by ChatGPT in the field of artificial intelligence, are expected to unleash rapid demand for underlying computing power. The AI server industry is expected to embrace new development opportunities. The trends of electrification, intelligentization, and networking in the automotive industry are accelerating, driving the golden period of development for automotive electronic products. The rise of the metaverse, the expansion of application scenarios, and the ecological layout of technology giants will also promote the continuous growth of AR/VR products. Additionally, with the accelerated expansion of 5G applications and the anticipated catalyst of economic recovery and strengthened consumption, the consumer electronics sector, which has experienced continuous destocking over the past year, is expected to experience recovery growth.

Facing numerous challenges and opportunities, PD, the global PCB leader, has expressed its commitment to actively expand into new products and new customers. According to the company's corporate announcement,PD plans to invest primarily in the following projects in 2023: an expansion project for high-end HDI and SLP printed circuit boards with an annual production capacity of 5.2675 million square feet, Phase 1 investment in the FPC project in Taiwan, an automotive board and server board project with an annual production capacity of 3.38 million square feet, and a digital transformation and upgrading project for the company.


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