Technical Capabilities of Top-tier China PCB Enterprises(I)

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With PCB downstream application markets such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and other electronic products to large-scale integration, lightweight, highly intelligent direction, the industry's requirements for PCB boards are increasingly high.
Technical capabilities have become one of the most critical core competencies of PCB companies.

Now, let's learn about the following first-line PCB factory's technical level:

PD Holdings
PD Holdings' production of printed circuit board products can reach a minimum aperture of 0.025mm, a minimum line width of 0.020mm, the company's bending-resistant FPC products and ultra-long size FPC products, system packaging SiP products and class carrier board SLP products, ultra-thin HDIMiniLed backlight board), thick board HDI (Server Board) and other products are PCB field technical capabilities require high The company has made advance research and development technology reserve for high-reliability automotive grade, micro LED, millimeter wave grade, AI high-speed computing and AR/VR, smart wearable related products, and has the technical strength to industrialize key products.

SN Electronics
After years of R&D and innovation, SN has developed a series of patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Take the backplane as an example, the maximum number of layers can reach 120, and the number of layers in mass production can reach 68, which is a leading position in the industry.

During the reporting period of 2022, the research and development of SN are mainly oriented to the market or product areas of 5G communication, new energy vehicles, autonomous driving, data center, FC-BGA packaging substrate, FC-CSP packaging substrate, and RF and memory chip packaging substrate, focusing on key technology directions such as high speed and large capacity, high-frequency microwave, high-density miniaturization, and high power thermal management.

JW Electronics
JW Electronics has obtained 257 invention patents and 195 utility model patents, such as the "surface treatment method for rigid-flexible bonded circuit boards", and has accumulated many non-patent technologies in the process of production and operation. The company has participated in the formulation of several industry standards such as "metal-based copper-clad laminates for printed circuits" and passed 24 scientific and technological achievements such as "plasma treatment technology for the inner layer of rigid-flexible boards", and 28 products such as high-density multilayer printed circuit boards, high-performance metal-based special printed circuit boards and high-performance thick copper multilayer printed circuit boards have been recognized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology as "high-tech products in Guangdong Province Products / Famous High-tech Products".

The company's "800G ultra-high-speed optical module PCB key technology research and development" was rated as the international leading technology, "sixth-generation vehicle radar PCB production technology research and development" was rated as the international advanced technology, "OLED display module with multilayer flexible board manufacturing and mounting key technology research and development" and "low orbit satellite PCB cavity board production key technology research and development" two technologies were rated as the domestic leading technology, "multilayer PCB board production method and multilayer PCB board production key technology research and development". PCB board production method and multilayer PCB board" won the twenty-third China Patent Award of Excellence, "key technology research and development for a manufacturing circuit board with built-in heat sink for communication base station" won the first prize of "Innovation Heyuan" science and technology progress in Heyuan City, "key technology research and application of high thermal conductivity substrate and high-end printed board for vehicles" won the second prize of "Guangdong Science and Technology Award Certificate" issued by Guangdong Provincial People's Government. Guangdong Province Science and Technology Award Certificate" won the second prize. The project "Key Technology Development and Industrialization of High-Density Flexible and Rigid-Flexible Printed Boards for Smart Terminals" won the "Shenzhen First Prize in Science and Technology Progress".

Throughout the years of development, HD has always paid attention to process improvement and technological innovation and has acquired several advanced or leading core technologies at home and abroad, making the company's products have the characteristics of leading technology and high quality compared with similar products. Based on the technological leadership of the company's leading products such as enterprise communication market boards and automobile boards, the company has been able to grasp the demand for high-end products in the fields of communication and automobile promptly and has continued to maintain the leadership of its R&D level and the forward-looking research direction. It is reported that HD has three patents in mainland China, including "a depth drilling process to assist in removing copper from the hole wall", and two technologies, including the "direct CO2 laser drilling method", have been patented in Taiwan, China.

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