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The application of FPC

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At present, the most critical consumer electronic product promoting the development of FPC is the mobile phone. There is a large quantity of FPC used in mobile phones, such as the cell phone keyboard, battery, display screen, display components, and motherboard.

The second most important is LCD.LCD is divided into categories such as TN, STN, and TFT. For TN LCD, which is applied to black and white display products, such as calculators and electronic watches; STN is mainly used in colorful display products; TFT is primarily applied in medium-big flat panel displays, such as notebooks, LCD Monitor, LCD TV. Due to the stable growth of those consumer products in recent years, FPC also grows stably. Its market and manufacture are mainly distributed in Japan. The combined growth rate of the IC substrate market in 2001~2006 promotes the corresponding growth of FPC.


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