4-layer flexible PCB for LCD cables

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Product Details
Model: SNT-FPC-006
Launched / upgraded: April 2016
MOQ: 1 unit
Lead time: 5 days

This 4-layer flexible PCB for LCD cables from
Shenzhen Sienta Industry Co. Ltd has a 25µm polyimide base, prepreg and coverlay. The base has 18µm-thick copper, and the prepreg and coverlay 25µm-thick adhesive. FR-4 stiffener is used on each side.

The 157.98x65.9mm unit has ENIG surface treatment and 0.3mm total thickness.
Shenzhen Sienta turns out 1 to 24-layer simple to high-density PCBs with FR-4, high-Tg or copper-clad laminates. Flexible and rigid-flex PCBs are also in its catalog. It can manufacture 15,000sqm of PCBs monthly.

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